FlairFriends on a Mission

The FlairGameWorld platform engages, inspires, and empowers kids to take their physical FlairFriends from the real world through a virtual portal on an adventure around FlairWorld. Trading and sharing FlairFriends in the real world further expands FlairWorld by being able to see each others collections, progress, badges, high scores and miles traveled in this entertaining, educational and whimsical ride through the incredible world of FlairFriends.

Do you have one yet? If you do, where will our adventure take you next! 


Developed by Parents

As parents we watched our own kids go from nurturing stuffed animals and baby dolls to the harsh world plastic collectibles. Also, around age 4 there is almost universal exposure to screens and apps. Concerned with our kids' digital diet we set out to develop a wholesome platform for kids to collect, style and play in the real world and connect online in a safe, educational and super fun way.

- Alli DiVincenzo & Geoff Meek