Get to know your new FlairFriends. 
Print us out, take us to dinner, decorate your walls with us or send us to a friend.
We love to travel!


Capri the Pegasus

Hi-ya! I'm Capri the Pegasus FlairFriend. Light as a feather, with butterflies abound, I fly through the meadow with rainbows I have found. My mane shimmers with glitter which falls to the ground on the cheeks of good FlairFriends I have all around.


Soleil the Sun

Everyday I awake there's a grand task ahead, from yellow and orange to pastel pink and bright red. I brighten the sky so you can run and play while giving off energy to flowers from my solar rays.


Pepe the Peace Sign

Yo! I'm Pepe the Peace Sign. I feel best when the morning is still new, no cars on the road and loud construction crews. Join me as I venture around the world - raising peace flags unfurled.

Suki the Butterfly

I'm fancy on Sundays and sporty on Tuesdays, I dance in the moonlight and flutter in sun rays. Let's get together today AND tomorrow, if I dont call you back... just whistle, Ill hear you. There's not need to hollar.

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Hudson the Hedgehog

I may look prickly 'n sharp but once you get to know me you'll see Im sweet as a tart. I roam close to earth and smell like fresh dirt, I do love my sneakers but have yet to fit into a shirt!


Will the Dragon

I'm chubby and green, I fly through the sky, looking for friends in good fun or to bask in the sun. My fire is hot, mean I am not. I do love to trick, so do watch your back, and when it's all over please cut me some slack.