"Follow Me" in FlairWorld


Follow the FlairFriends into a universe all their own called FlairWorld. Discover real places like New York City, Macchu Picchu and South Africa, and explore authentic cultures in the FlairWorld app. 

Keep track of your very own FlairFriends collection, decorate your room and see which friends you've connected with by sharing your FlairFriends. It's fun to follow your friends' progress in the game and show off your collection.

Watch out for that zany SkyRiver! He is out to cause chaos for the FlairFriends by scattering all the favorite things around the world. Travel to find them and play mini-games to defeat SkyRiver and get them back. You're FlairFriends will thank you. 


Old Fashion Fun with a “Twist of Tech”

Ella 1.jpg

Photography by Irene Penny & Emily Long

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
• Collect and hunt for RareFlairs
• Style or “Flair-ify” your world, clothing, shoes, backpacks
• Download the free FlairWorld App to you iPad
• Scan all your FlairFriends to life and play games
• Share codes with your friends to Connect

How Sharing Works (The Secret Sauce)
Connections are made when two friends or acquaintances share and scan each other's one-of-a-kind codes. The FlairWorld network is safe, only linking real world friends. The network supports positive digital behavior with a massive dose of wholesome fun.

Logan and Max Showing Box.JPG

"Flair-ify your world."

— Alli & Geoff, Co-Founders & Fellow Parents

Flair-Us-Forward to Earn Free FlairFriends

Tag a kind* photo with us on your favorite social media sites with
@FlairFriends and #FlairFriendsForever.
Follow this link to claim your free pack of FlairFriends!

*FlairFriends Kindness Policy
Always be kind to all that you meet – in person and online.
 Offer expires: October 31, 2018